Valid reasons for a sudden increase in clicks in your Google AdWords account.

If you notice a suddenly increase in clicks in one of your Ad Groups and you are not sure if they are valid or not you can consider the following:

  • Account not optimized: keywords and/or ad text are to general and produces a lot of impressions and clicks.
  • Ad’s on Content Network: Recent news and events can significantly increase your impressions as well as clicks.
  • Seasonal advertising: If you sell Christmas cards and it is December time you can anticipate and increase in clicks.
  • CPC or daily budget increase: Increasing your CPC can place your ad in a higher Ad Ranks that receives a lot more clicks.
  • Ad Recently approved: If your ad was recently approved on the content network it will start generating impressions and clicks.
  • Competitor stop running ads: If your competitor stop running his ads your ad will now appear more and generate more clicks.
  • Identical IP addresses: Some ISP’s assign identical IP’s for multiple user.

You can review your account for a specific period of time to see if there are significant changes. You can also compare your web logs with your Google reports. Google AdWords also allow you to generate an invalid clicks report that was filtered out by Google.

If you are sure that the above reasons are not the cause for your increase clicks you can contact Google AdWords at the following link and supply them with your details: