The Benefits of Google AdWords

Google AdWords allows a business to advertise only to people who show interest at the exact moment they indicate there interest. This is usually the magic moment for an advertiser. This form of advertising is effective and compelling. When you advertise with Google AdWords you get relevant real time ad distribution on a massive scale. With the Google network you will be able to reaches over 80% of the users on the internet through their content and partner sites.

Advertising on Google can help advertisers meet many objectives. If their objective is branding and building awareness Google AdWords can target that message to an audience that is likely to be receptive. If their objective is to generate leads and identify prospects AdWords will be able to track ads that lead to those results with Google’s conversion tracking tool. If their objective is to generate sales and acquire new customers Google AdWords will also be able to measure it for them through, sales conversions, site registrations, catalog requests etc. Google AdWords make it thus easy to measure your advertising success no matter your objectives.

The advertiser also has the option to pick a pricing structure that fit their specific business needs. With Google AdWords the advertiser sets the maximum amount they are wiling to pay for a click as well as their daily budget. AdWords also provide conversion tracking for real time return on investment data. These reports and data can also be mailed to you automatically on a regular basis. This give you the advertiser full control over your campaign spending as well as clear insight into its performance.