TAC ACX Series Controllers

acx.jpgTAC has produced a superior, compact, and competitively priced access controller for the security concerns of today’s world in their new ACX Series Controllers. These controllers are among the most powerful and complete devices in the building automation industry.

The ACX Series Controllers contains the most recent Andover Continuum software and TAC’s Net Controller II, which is a network-managed controller. The ACX Series will offer a building administrator control of up to 8 access points (i.e. interior or exterior doors, dock entrances, etc.) and supports almost 500,000 personnel records. This series of controllers can be web-enabled for simple installation and control through a single workstation or automatically with program control.

The ACX Series Controllers offers other features as well. For example, the ACX Series will allow the user to adjust access rights during variable threat levels. Another feature will provide a total lockdown of a building from disabling card readers to physically sealing off access points. The ACX Series will additionally provide the user with complex encryption. Including 192-bit Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) and Internet Key Exchange Protocol (IKE) to ensure effective and safe communication between the access controllers and user workstations.

These access controllers were developed by TAC primarily in response to the U.S. government standards relating to security needs. This includes the Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 and the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 201 project. The FIPS 201 project is a uniform standard for identification badges concerning building access and terminal login. Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 was drafted by the White House, and a policy for a common identification standard for federal employees and contractors. TAC was also influenced by private sector customers who required more extensive security needs for their buildings.

TAC is a leader in building automation, security systems and energy solutions for both public and private sector clients. TAC’s products are based on standard non-proprietary technology such as TCP/IP, LonWorks, BacNet, and Ethernet. Besides security products, TAC produces systems that integrate such functions as environmental (i.e. heating, cooling, and ventilation), fire control, and lighting as well. Similar to the ACX Series Controllers, these other automation products can enable total control at a single workstation for a single or multiple buildings. TAC products have an advantage over others in that their products are compatible with a majority of other systems in the industry. This advantage gives the customer more options and prevents them from being restricted to another’s technology.

TAC has offices in the United States, Asia, and in several countries in Europe.

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