SNMP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Introduction to SNMP

  • SNMP – Simple Network Management Protocol When using SNMP, typically one or more managers to monitor a group of manged devices. SNMP network consists of 3 components: Managed Device Agent – software that runs on the managed devices, contains information of the managed device and translates it to…Read More 

What is MIB?

  • MIB stands for Management Information Base. it is a collection of data in a tree hierarchy.

What is an OID?

  • Object-ID. It is a unique reference key assigned to every object in a MIB tree.

How do I create MIB files?

  • MIB files are created by writing a text document in the SMIV2 format and compiling it with an MIB compiler.

What is an SNMP agent?

  • An agent responds to requests from the managers. It provides information about a network node.

What is an SNMP manager?

  • An SNMP manager manages SNMP agents. It sends requests, receives responses, and listens for traps.

Which port does SNMP use?

  • Requests are sent by a manager to UDP port 161. Manager receives notifications on UDP port 162. Requests can originate from any available port.

What is an SNMP trap?

  • A trap is information sent from an agent to the manager. Unlike responses a trap can be issued at any time instead of only after a request.

What is an SNMP inform?

  • An SNMP inform is like a trap however the manager must send an acknowledgement back to the client that sent it.


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