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When simplex 4100U’s are networekd together the configuration of a FieldServer needs special considerations.

Follow these steps

1. Use the correct input doc. It must say ‘HW Ref’. This is the only report that can be used.

Sim4100 Input Report

2. Use the HW Ref column to work out which card-point-subPoints you need to capture in the configuration.

You will need one Map Descriptor for each card.

3. Points from networked panels lose their original HW ref and get a new based on the network card.

For example if the network card is card 3 then all the points from the remote panels will come in as card=3.

The HW Ref will be 3-xxxxx

The trick is to convert the xxxxx to a point-SubPoint address so you can work out where the event will be stored in the data array.

4. Make a Map Descripto to cpature events from card 3.

Map_Descriptor_Name ,Data_Array_Name ,Data_Array_Offset ,Function ,
Node_Name ,sim4100_func ,sim4100_card ,sim4100_point ,sim4100_sub ,
protocol ,length ,Card_03_Points ,DA_CARD3 ,0 ,passive ,Simplex_01 ,
xpoint ,3 ,0 ,256 ,sim4100 ,20000

There can only be one Map Desc for card 3.

Always set point to zero

Set SubPoint to 256 for networked points. (This means the driver expects 256 subpoints per point)

5. Determine the Data Array Offset where a point’s event will be stored.

Convert the HW Ref to Point-SubPoint

For example:

Input Doc: 3-14126 3:M4-78-0 RIAM RELAY L2 BAK/CHE T2.035 CORR BY MEET RM B7.011

HW Ref=3-14126 so we know the card=3


temp2 = temp – 1

point = trunc(temp2/256) trunc=truncated division. Rounds down.

subPoint = temp – point *256

Offset into Data Array = (point+1)*256+subPoint

Thus in this example: Offset=14381. When the point has an event, the data will be stored in DA_CARD3[14381].


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