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Simplex Points

Where do I get input information to configure the Simplex Driver?

To build a FieldServer configuration a list of points needs to be configured. This requires knowledge of the Points Hardware Reference in card-point-subpoint format. Unfortunately the point ‘name’ looks similar to a Hardware Reference but cannot be used…Read More


Using the System Points Summary Report From the FACP Configuration Tool

How do I use the Systems Points Summary Report from the FACP Configuration tool to monitor, serve and read?

This link has more information on these topics and Map descriptor…Read More


Simplex 4100 Configuration – Some Notes

How many states can be read by a single point?

A: A single point can report 8 states. We store these 8 states as bits inside a storage word. The word can be served on BACnet (or Modbus) as a number or it can be unpacked into individual bits and served bit by bit…Read More



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