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FieldServer 485 Connection Diagram to Isolator ICD102A (Black Box)

  • This diagram shows how to connect a FieldServer FS20 series to an ICD102A optical isolator using a 2-wire RS 485 connection. FieldServer’s only support 2 wire connections. Datasheet for the Black Box RS485 Isolator/Repeater can be found here: Blackbox Network Services…Read more

File / Directory Memory Listing On QuickServers

  • After attaching the FieldServer to the computer, run the RUInet and execute the following steps: Type K for advanced Type E for expert Type C for combined log Type L for list Type F for file You will then get a list of files. You may take a screenshot (as shown below) for your records. …Read more

Mapping Data Types from BACnet MSTP to Metasys N2 on Quickserver Gateway

  • Following aspects are to be considered while doing configuration of a Quickserver Gateway for the data points from BACnet MSTP to Metasys N2. The data types supported by BACnet MSTP are; AI Analogue Input AO Analogue Output AV Analogue Value BI Binary Input BO Binary Output Bv Binary…Read more

FieldServer DH+ FSB4013 Blue-Hose Connection

  • A 10-serial, 2-Ethernet port, 1 DH+ port protocol translator gateway enables data transfer between serial, Ethernet and Allen Bradley DH+ protocols. An extensive library of drivers provides easy interoperability between a variety of devices used in process control and building automation industries. …Read more

How to Add Preloads to the Configuration File of the FieldServer?

  • Preloads need to be added in the configuration file before the client/server connections. After opening the configuration file you have to add the following lines: How to extract Bits in the configuration file of FieldServer In FieldServer we have the liberty of extracting bits out…Read more

How to find out the Firmware Version on a FieldServer?

  • There are three aspects Kernel version DCC version Driver version Each driver has its own version number. It is seen on the ‘C’ screen (Combined Log) or the ‘E’ screen (Error log) on older versions. Select C or R from ruinet main menu. Push V for version. …Read more

How to unpack Bits from a 16bit Register in a FieldServer Configuration?

  • Introduction What happens if you want to serve some/all of the bits that form a 16 bit register. ie. Your client reads a 16bit register but you want to serve those bits as separate binary objects. Here is an example Lets say the client reads 40001 data into DA_REG[0] (Data Array = DA_REG Offset=0)…Read more


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