People Counting Knowledge and FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to calculate if one sensor will count across an entrance or do we need more than one sensor?

The number of sensors required is calculated by dividing the height of installation by the width of the entrance. This will give the required number of sensors.


2. How to install sensors across the entrance?

For entrances requiring a single sensor, you have to install it in middle above the entrance. For wider entrances please use the wide entrance calculator to understand the positioning of the sensors. Typically each sensor is installed quarter of the entrance width from the edge on either side.


3. Can we use a POE switch to power the sensors?

Do not connect the Irisys IP counters directly to PoE equipment as they may be damaged permanently. Again, some PoE switches claim to meet the relevant PoE standard but they do not and these types will destroy Irisys counters with an over voltage. Over voltage damage is not covered by warranty!


4. We are able to see the lights blinking on the sensor but the counts are not registering or being received by the server?

It could be a cabling fault. Can you ping the unit. Sometimes even though the cabling passes a continuity test it still does not send the data across. Try to re-crimp or change the cable and see.  Also, use the setup tool to connect to the unit and ensure that the network settings are entered correctly.


5. We have a wide entrance and using 2 sensors across it? The counts are getting duplicated when one person walks across, what could be wrong?

This is a configuration issue. The separation between the two sensors and the height of installation may not be entered properly hence the counts are getting duplicated. Please contact support to correctly configure the sensors.


6. I have finished installing some counters and everything seems to be configured correctly, except that one of the counters is flashing its LEDs, why is this?

The counters will flash their LEDs to indicate various errors and conditions. To work out what is going on, look to see if the red LED is on permanently. If so then this indicates an error, with the green LED flash sequence denoting which error – see point 11 below for details of error conditions. If however both LEDs are flashing together very quickly then this is because it is flashing its identification sequence. This sequence is used to indicate which counter you are currently connected to (especially useful when configuring a wide opening network of two or more units). But, if you close your setup connection without acknowledging any settings made, then the counter will continue flashing this sequence. The sequence will automatically ‘time out’ after 10 minutes, but it is recommended that you check the counter settings again as you may have forgotten to click the relevant ‘Program’ or ‘Permanent’ button. This would mean that the counter works fine until the power is lost, at which point the counter would revert to its previous saved settings and this could possibly stop it working correctly.


7.  I have everything connected but I am not able to connect to the sensor or ping it?

Make sure that your computer is on the same network segment as the sensor. Check to see that you have entered the correct IP address subnet and firewall.


8. How do I check if the correct IP address entered into the sensors?

For this you will need to connect the setup cable to the sensor and check. Please call support for this or you can manually connect the setup cable (if you have one) and check the configuration. Note that for this you will need to install the Irisys Setup Tool utility.


9. How can I connect to the sensor using a web browser?

Simply type in the IP address of the sensor and you will be directed to the login page. Use username: admin and password: installer to get into the configuration menu. Here you can check the following:
nav menu


10. Can I change the line configuration once logged into the navigation menu?

Once you click on setup tool, you will be able to change the configuration parameters. Note that once done and saved this will replace the original configuration settings. It’s advisable to take a back up on the configuration before making any changes.



11. What are the error codes?


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