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Haffmans OGM Gehaltemeter gateway datasheet.
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Q:What is Haffmans serial driver?
A:The Haffmans serial driver allows the gateway to poll Haffmans OGM to BACnetIP and Modbus (RTU and TCP) OGM O2 Gehaltemeter sensors for status, real time measurements, and configuration data. The driver can be used to read O2 temperature, timestamp and more .
The gateway serves data from a Haffmans OGM O2 sensors as Modbus, BACnet or web data. The gateway supports all these options simultaneously. Use the data you want and ignore the others.
The Gateway connects to a Haffmans OGM O2 sensor, reads data and stores it internally. When a remote system requests data it is served in a form that is appropriate to the protocol. In the event that the connection to the Haffmans OGM O2 sensor is lost or data cannot be read the gateway can signal this to the remote data client.
The gateway requires minimal configuration and can be considered a plug and play component of a system. It is ready to operate out of the box with the default configuration.
The gateway uses an RS232 serial port to connect to the Haffmans OGM O2 sensor.


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