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Datasheets and Manuals

 – Data Sheet – FieldServer Driver – Serial – FS-8704-11 – Telnet

 – Manual – FieldServer Driver – Serial – FS-8704-11 – Telnet More Data Sheets…


Q:What is Telnet?
A:Telnet is a protocol that allows you to connect to remote computers (called hosts) over a TCP/IP network (such as the Internet)…Read More

Q:What is the Telnet Protocol?
A:The Telnet protocol is often thought of as simply providing a facility for remote logins to computer via the Internet. This was its original purpose although it can be used for many other purposes… Read More

What is the Network Virtual Terminal?
A:Communication is established using the TCP/IP protocols and communication is based on a set of facilities known as a Network Virtual Terminal (NVT). At the user or client end the telnet client program is responsible for mapping incoming NVT codes to the actual codes needed to operate the user’s display device and is also responsible for mapping user generated keyboard sequences into NVT sequences…Read More

How Do I End a Telnet Session (Windows, Linux, Mac)?
A:To end your current telnet session you must reach the telnet prompt and type quit… Read More


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