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Manual – FieldServer Driver – Serial – FS8705-21 – Integlex Fire Alarm Panel

Data Sheet – FieldServer Driver – Serial – FS8705-21 – Integlex Fire Alarm Panel

Integlex Manual for Main Control Unit PCA-2719X MCU2

Integlex Manual for Network Intereface Unit PCA-2706XA NIU


Q:What is Integlex FACP Driver?
A: The Integlex FACP protocol driver can be used to connect to suitably enabled Integlex FACP panels from
Nohmi Bosai Ltd.  
The Integlex driver is a passive client driver intended for connection to the serial port of an Integlex Fire
Alarm Control Panel (FACP). A passive client driver waits for messages to be sent to it (by the panel). The
driver cannot send messages to the panel and hence it cannot request the state of any point in the
The driver can process alarm and trouble events, system troubles and some other messages from the
The driver can only be used as a client. Minimal server functionality is provided only to support our
ongoing quality assurance program by facilitating automated testing of the driver. Server operation is
not documented or supported…Read More 
Q:How to configure FieldServer as a Integlex Passive Client?
A:For a detailed discussion on FieldServer configuration, please refer to the FieldServer Configuration
Manual. The information that follows describes how to expand upon the factory defaults provided in the
configuration files included with the FieldServer (See “.csv” sample files provided with the FS).
This section documents and describes the parameters necessary for configuring the FieldServer to
communicate with an Integlex system.  
The configuration file tells the FieldServer about its interfaces, and the routing of data required. In order
to enable the FieldServer for Integlex monitoring, the driver independent FieldServer buffers need to be
declared in the “Data Arrays” section, the destination device addresses need to be declared in the
“Client Side Nodes” section, and the data required from the servers needs to be mapped in the “Client
Side Map Descriptors” section. Details on how to do this can be found below.  
Note that in the tables, * indicates an optional parameter, with the bold legal value being the default…Read More 
Q:What is MultiState Data?
A:The driver presents a system for building a MultiState value for device / module states.
If a device is in an alarm state, the driver provides a number whose value reports the most
important / serious of the possible active states. For example, if a device is in Alert and Alarm
States simultaneously then the driver will report the Alarm state since it is considered a higher
If a device is a trouble state, then the driver provides a number whose value reports which
trouble state is active (if only one state is active) or which reports that multiple states are active
when more than one trouble is active…Read More 
Q:What are Unsupported Features?
A:Any functionality not specifically specified as supported above can be regarded as excluded. In

  • Panel configuration messages such as those detailed in sections 8 and 9 of the Integlex
    specification are excluded.
  • Legacy messages such as those directed at the LaserCOMPACT device are excluded
  • Zone status’ are excluded since there are no direct messages coming from the panel that
    indicate the status of the specific zones.

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