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Data Sheet – CAS Driver – Serial – CAS-2700-01 – Hobart Ground Power – Modbus and BACnet and HTML Gateway

Manual – CAS Driver – Serial – CAS-2700-01- Hobart Ground Power – Modbus and BACnet and HTML Gateway

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Q:What is Hobart Ground Power Modbus and BACnet and HTML Gateway?
A:The HOBART Ground Power Serial Driver allows the Gateway to poll Hobart devices for status, real time and configuration data. Thus the driver can be used to read current, voltage, phase, power and other variables from the Hobart device.
The Hobart Ground Power (HGP) Gateway serves data from a HGP controller as Modbus, BACnet or Web data. The gateway supports all these options simultaneously. Use the data you want and ignore the other….Read More
Q:How Hobart Ground Power (HGP) Gateway serves data?
A:The Hobart Ground Power (HGP) Gateway serves data from a HGP controller as Modbus, 
BACnet or Web data. The gateway supports all these options simultaneously. Use the data you 
want and ignore the other.
The Gateway connects to the HGP controller, reads data and stores it internally. When a 
remote system requests data, this data is served in a form that is appropriate to the protocol.  
In the event that the connection to the HGP controller is lost, or data cannot be read, the 
gateway can signal this to the remote data client. 
The gateway requires minimal configuration and can be considered a plug and play component 
of a system, in that it is ready to operate out of the box with the default configuration. 
Q:How to interpret Modbus Data?
A:Modbus does not have a mechanism for reporting the validity of data. What
happens if the gateway loses its connection to the Hobart controller ? After a
timeout period has elapsed the gateway will regard the data it had read previously,
as unreliable.
The remote data client will see the value 65535 (-1) in the registers that contain
unreliable data. In other words, rather than serve the old (possibly obsolete ) data,
the gateway serves a value that clearly identifies that the data is invalid.
Modbus does not support floating point numbers so all values are served as whole

Q:How to read and interpret BACnet Data?
A:BACnet supports discovery. When you discover the gateway, objects and properties you 
will  find  appropriately  named  objects that report  data  from the  Hobart  Controller. 
Because BACnet supports discovery, usually knowledge of the BACnet Device Instance 
Number does not need to be known in advance. 
Each  BACnet  device  (like  the  gateway)  needs  to  have  a  unique  instance  number. 
Therefore it may be necessary for you to change the instance number. 

If the gateway loses communications with the Hobart controller or if a data point cannot 
be read from the controller, the ‘Out of Service’ property of the data object is set true 
once the timeout has expired.  The value of the ‘Present Value’ property is not changed, 
thus the last good value will be shown…Read More

Q:What is most common BACnet problem?
A:If the device or application that is reading the BACnet data is on another subnet then it 
will not discover or be able to talk to the gateway. This can be resolved two ways. 1. 
Change the IP address of the gateway to be on the same subnet – a simple task. 2. 
Install BBMD – a non trivial task – but a task you can often pass the buck on – it is the 
responsibility of the company installing the BAS system to provide BBMD…Read More


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