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 M-3410A Small Generator Relay  ModbusRTU  Download Manual
 M-3410A Intertie/Generator Relay  ModbusRTU  Download Manual
 M-3425A Comprehensive Generator Relay  ModbusRTU  Download Manual
 M-3520 Intertie Protection Relay  ModbusRTU  Download Manual
 M-3311A (2, 3, or 4-Winding) Relay  Modbus, DNP 3.0  Download Manual
 M-7651A Feeder Protection Relay  Modbus, DNP 3.0  Download Manual
 M-7679 Recloser Control  Modbus, DNP 3.0  Download Manual
 M-2001D Tapchanger Control Transformers and  Regulators  Modbus, DNP 3.0  Download Manual
 M-2001C Tapchanger Control  Modbus, DNP 3.0  Download Manual
 M-6200A Digital Voltage Regulator Control  Modbus, DNP 3.0  Download manual
 M-6280A Digital Capacitor Bank Control  Modbus, DNP 3.0  Download Manual
 M-6283A Three Phase Digital Capacitor Bank Control  Modbus, DNP 3.0  Download Manual
 M-4272Digital High Speed Motor Bus Transfer System  Modbus over TCP/IP (Optional)  Download Manual
 M-5625 Syncrocloser® Digital Synchronizing System  ModbusRTU  Download Manual



Q:  How does the Sync Check (25)  function work?
A:  Sync check is a protective function used to verify synchronization between the input AC sin wave and AC sin wave of the output electrical system.   Sync Check can be enabled as a stand-alone function or supervised by the  Reconnect (79) function. Various combinations of input supervised hot/dead closing schemes can be selected. The Sync Check function can only be enabled in line-to-line VT configuration and when Ground Undervoltage (27G) and Ground Overvoltage (59G) functions are disabled.



Q:What determines Per-Unit Pickup current in directional power?

A: Per-Unit Pickup is based on nominal VT secondary voltage and nominal CT secondary current settings for currents less than 14 A (2.8 A). The function can be selected as overpower or underpower in the forward
direction (positive setting) or reverse direction (negative setting). This function can also be selected for single phase detection for line-to-ground VT.

The Per-Unit Pickup has a minimum sensitivity of 100 mA for 5A CT (real component of current).
* Accuracy applies for a nominal current range of 2.5 A to 6 A (5 A CT) or 0.5 A to 1.5 A (1 A CT).



Q: How is Voltage Transformer Fuse Loss detected?

A: VT fuse loss is detected by sensing the positive and negative sequence components of voltages and currents. VT fuse-loss output can be initiated from internally generated logic or from input contacts. There is an optional time delay of  1 to 8160 Cycles with an accuracy of +/- 2 cycles.


Q: How many events Can be stored?

A: A total of 32 non-volatile events can be stored. The recorded information includes the function(s) operated, the function(s) picked up, input/output contact status and time stamp. The events can be retrieved through the communications port. After the 32nd event is stored, additional events result in the oldest event being dropped (FIFO). The information is time-stamped to 1 ms resolution.



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