GE Knowledge and FAQ



Q: what networking platform do Prosys Lighting Control Systems use?
A: Lonworks LNS open system architecture.

Q: What is GE Softwiring Technology:
A: A four wire dataline for connecting intelligent switches (occupancy sensors, timers, etc) to lighting control relays. Softwiring does not require hand held programmers or keypads to cofnigure. Relays and switches are assigned to channels through
simple configuration switches.

Q: What do softwiring channel status lights mean?

  • RED LED: All relays in this channel are on.
  • No LEDs: All Relays in channel are off.
  • Green: Relays are in a mixed state.

Q: what type of Relays do Prosys II Relay Panels use?
A: 20A 120-277 VAC Momentary-pulsed mechanically latching contactors.


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