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XIF Files

TR1 Series VFD : TRA_001.XIF

TR200 Series VFD : TR200.XIF

Tracer AH540-541 : AH540_V2.XIF

Tracer CH530 LCI-C : \Ch530c5.XIF

Tracer CH532 LCI-C Version 1.2 : TRANEV12.XIF

Tracer CH532 LCI-C Version 2.0 : TRANEV20.XIF

Tracer LCI-C for CGAF : 80002A5028030407.XIF

Tracer LCI-C for CH530 CGW-CCA-CGA : \80002A5028030403.XIF

Tracer LCI-C for CH530 CVH-CVG-CDH-CVR : \80002A5028030402.XIF

Tracer LCI-C for CH530 RTA : \80002A5028030406.XIF

Tracer LCI-C for CH530 RTH : \80002A5028030404.XIF

Tracer LCI-C for CH530 RTW-RTU : \80002A5028030409.XIF

Tracer LCI-C for CH530 RTX : \80002A5028030405.XIF

Tracer LCI-C for RTAA-RTWA-RTXA-RTUA : 80002A5028030408.XIF

Tracer LCI-I Version 4.0 : LCI-I.XIF

Tracer LCI-I Version 4.2 : LCI-I_2.XIF


Tracer LCI-R SCC : 0007_LCIR_NFD_2_06_SCC.XIF

Tracer MP580-581 : MP580.XIF

Tracer VV550-VV551 : \0008_VV550_Appl_1_0_1.XIF

Tracer ZN510-511 : \CL10.XIF

Tracer ZN517 : UC108A.XIF

Tracer ZN520-521 : \0009_ZN520_Appl_2_0_4.XIF

Tracer ZN523 : Zn523v100.XIF

Tracer ZN524 : \0010_ZN524_Appl_2_0_3.XIF



Data Sheet – Controller
Operator Guide – VariTrac – Central Control Panel

Catalog – Type A Energy Wheel-T-Series
Climate Changer – Air Handlers

Catalog- Direct Fired Vapor Absorption Chiller
Catalog- Trane Advantage VRF Indoor Unit
Manual- Installation Operation and Maintenance
Literature- Digital Display Zone Sensor







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Trane Commercial Product Literature Search



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