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Data Sheet – FieldServer Driver – Serial – FS-8700-125 – Stulz

Manual – FieldServer Driver – Serial – FS-8700-125 – Stulz

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Q:Hardware Connection Tips / Hints for FS-8700-125_Stulz

  • Connect the wire to bus 1 on the Stulz device. Make sure that bus 1 is used as bus 2 is used by
    the device to communicate with its IO devices.
  • Use shielded twisted pair wire to make connections.
  • Use terminating resistors. The Stulz device has terminating resistors which can be set with a
  • Make sure that line is terminated at both ends to ensure maximum communication efficiency.
  • Further information on the C6000 is provided at the following address:

Q:How to Configure the FieldServer as a Stulz Client?
A:For a detailed discussion on FieldServer configuration, please refer to the FieldServer Configuration
Manual. The information that follows describes how to expand upon the factory defaults provided in the
configuration files included with the FieldServer (See “.csv” sample files provided with the FieldServer).
This section documents and describes the parameters necessary for configuring the FieldServer to
communicate with a Stulz microcontroller device.



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