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Data Sheet – FieldServer Driver – Serial – FS-8700-132 – Fire Control Instruments – Gamewell FCI-E3 Series

Manual – FieldServer Driver – FS-8700-132 – Gamewell FCI-E3 Series Serial Driver

Data Sheet – FieldServer Driver – Serial – FS-8700-83 – Gamewell Serial Driver

Manual – FieldServer Driver – Serial – FS-8700-83 – Gamewell Serial Driver

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Q:What are limitations and Unsupported Features of Gamewell Serial Driver?
A:The driver stores a value representing the type of status message received. A table of status types vs. values is provided in the driver manual. Each message is inspected for circuit/device information. If none is present the message is assumed to report a status event for the panel. If the one or both are present then the circuit / device number is used to determine the storage location….Read More
Q:What is Gamewell Serial Driver?
A:All Gamewell Fire Alarm panels are equipped with a serial port which produces panel, circuit or device status messages. This driver is designed to process these messages and store this status information in numeric form. The numeric value will indicate the type of event being reported and the storage location in the FieldServer’s data arrays is (configurable &) dependent on the origin of the message (panel / circuit / device ). Additional information such as event date and time and descriptions are ignored….Read More
Q:What are functions of Gamewell FCI E3 Series System?
A:The driver listens passively for messages from the ‘E3’ serial interface. The driver assumes that each message relates either to the ‘E3’ or a single point.
A point is considered to be a zone, relay output, loop, ALU sensor or ALU Module…Read More


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