Arduino, Where to get help

 What is Arduino?

Arduino is an open-sourceopen-hardware,  electronics proto-typing platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It’s intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments.

This links/help page was created in response to a VHS Hack challenge.

Arduino IDE

You can download a free and open source Arduino IDE from It works pretty well and includes lots of example sketches to learn about the Arduino. Once you are comfortable with the basics you can upgrade to using Eclipse as your main IDE for Arduino.


AvrDude is the application that is used to download code to the Arduino and is included with the Arduino IDE and WinAVR. If you are having problems downloading code to the Arduino read this article from on AVRDude.ArduinoDuemilanove

Ethernet Shield RAW Packet

An Ethernet shield was created for the Arduino that supports TCP connections. It can serve webpages of the current status of the Arduino as well as many other uses.

By default the Ethernet shield only supports TCP connections, but you can download Ethernet RAW library to support UDP and RAW packets. This Ethernet RAW library also fixes some of the bugs discovered in the default Ethernet libary shipped with Arduino IDE 015.

Help With Your Projects.

There are several different places to get help with your Arduino projects.

  • Playground – Arduino code, circuit diagrams, tutorials, DIY instructions, tips and tricks
  • Forms – A form to talk to other developers about all things Arduino
  • Learn Arduino – Ladyada website has more great tutorials.
  • Chiphacker – A Question and Answer website for chip developers that is useful for getting specifics information about a certain features in the Arduino chip (
  • StackOverflow –  A Question and Answer website similar to chiphacker that is useful for getting answers to programing related questions.
  • Atmega 168/328p data sheet – Can find an answer to your question anywhere else, check the chips data sheet.
  • Getting Started with ArduinoMaking Things Talk – Are two great books filled with different Arduino projects and examples.

Project ideas

  • Make: Arduino – Make magazine is one of the forerunners for everything DYI. There website has lots of information and examples projects.
  • – Tones of example projects and tutorials for the Arduino.
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