Metasys FAQ


What is Metasys N2?

A non-proprietary (open) master slave communication architecture created by JCI for building automation.


What physical layer does Metasys N2 use?

RS-485 with a configuration of 9600-8-n-1 standard and non-configurable across every n2 device.


What is BACnet?

A communication data protocol consisting of the following layers of information: Devices, properties, objects, services, BACnet Interoperability Building Blocks (BIBBs). Bacnet protocol can be transported through several types of network: PTP, MSTP, ARCnet, Ethernet, I/P.


How is a BACnet Router different from a BACnet Gateway?

BACnet routers connect two different types of networks, for example BACnet on Metasys N2 Bus to BACnet on IP.
BACnet Gateways connect two networks of the same type, for example two BACnet Metasys N2 Buses into a single virtual bus.


What is FieldServer?

FieldServer is the manufacturer of BACnet Gateways and Routers among many other devices/protocols.


What is JCI?

Johnson Controls Inc, the manufacturer of Metasys.


What are PICS?

Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement. These are documents produced by vendors which specify the properties, objects, services, and BIBBs of a device.




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