Lonworks FAQ

What is LonWorks?

  • Control system network technology developed by Echelon corporation. A common-message based control protocol for sharing data between devices on a building control network.


What is the LonMark Association / LonMark Certification?

  • A Lonworks device is granted a Lonmark certificate if the Lonmark Association tests it and finds it works correctly, specifically in its ability to communicate with other Lonworks devices from other vendors.


What are Neuron chips?

  • Every Lonworks device contains a Neuron chip. The Neuron chip is responsible for implementing the LonTalk Protocol.


What is the LonWorks Network Topology?


What is the maximum  number of devices per LonWorks bus?

  • 60 devices normally, 120 when using a repeater. Routers ad switches combine multiple buses for a network of thousands.


 What it a LonWorks Network Interface?

  • A network interface is a device that allows a host computer such as a PC running Windows to a LonWorks network.


What is a LonWorks SmartServer?

  • A smart server is a programmable Lonworks controller with a web server for remote configuration.


  • FieldServer / QuickServer Veeder Typical Lonworks Points

    • DO NOT USE THIS DATA – IT IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AND IS PROVIDED FOR REFERENCE ONLY. The points listed and the Lonworks addresses allocated are typical. We strongly advise you not to hand this to the contractor implementing the Lonworks Client. They should use the actual map provided for your project…Read More


  • What is NodeUtil Lonworks Utility?

    • What happens if you need to learn about a Lonworks network and it devices but you haven’t been provided with the database or if you don’t have LonMaker? NodeUtil is a Lonworks utility that can be used to explore Lonworks networks and devices without having LonMaker. All you need is a device such as…Read More


  • What is an Echelon PowerLine Smart Transceivers?

    • Echelon has developed a premier product for automation applications. The PowerLine Smart Transceivers are described as durable, and low in cost compared to other similar products. These transceivers are capable of communication over either Alternate Current (AC) or Direct Current (DC) lines with varying…Read More



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    Modbus RTU to Lonworks

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