FieldServer FAQ


FieldServer Instruction Manuals

The FieldServer functions as a gateway enabling different devices utilizing different protocols to interface with each other. The FieldServer solves communication and protocol conversion problems and improves response times in distributed data acquisition and control systems. The extensive driver library available from Field Server Technologies provides a wide range of interoperability solutions.




Instructions for connecting the FieldServer X-20 to RS232, Ethernet, and LonWorks networks and updating firmware.





Instructions for connecting the FieldServer X-25 to RS232, Ethernet, and RS485 networks and updating firmware.





Instructions for connecting the FieldServer X-30 to RS232, Ethernet, and RS485 networks and updating firmware.





Instructions for connecting the FieldServer X-40 to RS232, Ethernet, and updating firmware.





The FS-GUI is a web-browser based User Interface, and uses a combination of technologies and devices to provide a platform that the user can interact with for the tasks of easily gathering and producing information.




Diagnostic and repair steps for Fieldserver problems.





Fieldserver configuration utility instructions. (RuiPing, RuiNet, RuiDebug, RuiBoot, FTD_Diag).





Instructions for connecting the Fieldserver-QuickServer 1010/1011/12X0/12X1 to RS-485, RS-232, RS-422, LonWorks, and updating firmware.





Ruinet user manual.




Simplex 4100u FieldServer Configurations

When simplex 4100U’s are networekd together the configuration of a FieldServer needs special considerations. Follow these steps 1. Use the correct input doc. It must say ‘HW Ref’. This is the only report that can be used. 2. Use the HW Ref column to work out which card-point-subPoints you need to…. Read More




Scaling / Bit Packing

FieldServers can scale data and manipulate values using some binary logic and arithmetic functions. Scaling can be applied to each block of Modbus Data read/served. Move to change type : Convert from any FIeldServer Data Type to any other. Move to pack/unpack bits and bytes: Its possible to address…. Read More




Multiple Clients of a Modbus slave
We are frequenty asked how you deal with a situation where you have more than one client for a slave(s). The Modbus spec does not support this but we have a solution. The essence of the solution if to use a multi-port FieldServer. Connect each client to its own port and the slave(s) to thier own ports… Read More



Four (4) Jumpers are required to connect a FS2510 to a 2-wire RS485 System
In early versions of the FS2510 the serial LED does not flicker even when there is normal RS485 activity. Devices with firmware version 5.12k are known to require a firmware upgrade. Contact Tech support for help… Read More



FieldServer Gateway (Dual Serial)
Dual Serial – Ethernet FS-B2510 The FS-B2510 Dual Serial-Ethernet gateway provides a wealth of features to enable data transfer between different devices and networks utilizing serial and Ethernet protocols. The extensive library of FieldServer drivers provides easy interoperability with devices

…. Read More



FieldServer’s Web Server
In a nutshell: The FieldServer reads data from field devices. This data can be used to animate web pages that can be served by the FieldServer. Using a browser, a customer or user can monitor data from field devices and also control them. A little more detail: The FieldServer Web Server allows …. Read More



FieldServer 485 Connection Diagram to Isolator ICD102A (Black Box)
This diagram shows how to connect a FieldServer FS20 series to an ICD102A optical isolator using a 2-wire RS 485 connection. FieldServer’s only support 2 wire connections. Datasheet for the Black Box RS485 Isolator/Repeater can be found here: Blackbox Network Services …. Read More



Timing Parameters
Normally a FieldServer sends a poll request to a Server device and that device gives a response back to the FieldServer. Following are the timing parameters considered important in the fieldserver’s operation: Scan_interval: It is the amount of time between successive poll requests. Its default value …. Read More



Node Offline Responses
When a Client Node on the FieldServer goes offline the corresponding data objects on the FieldServer are also marked offline. If a client polls a virtual FieldServer node for this particular data, an offline response will be returned by the FieldServer. If the client then requests the FieldServer to …Read More


Unpacking Bits from a 16bit Register in a FieldServer Configuration
Introduction What happens if you want to serve some/all of the bits that form a 16 bit register. ie. Your client reads a 16bit register but you want to serve those bits as separate binary objects. Here is an example Lets say the client reads 40001 data into DA_REG[0] (Data Array = DA_REG Offset=0)The… Read More