SMC Wireless Modems as used by SHAW Cale – DHCP, Duplicate IP, Static IP, Internet access issues

SMC Modems serve the same purpose as a Router when it comes to the LAN. Its only on the WAN side that the functionality is different to a Router. On the WAN side, the modem has a co-axial connection for connection to Shaw’s cable.

If you allocate a static IP address to your computer and if the static IP address you allocate is somewhere in the DHCP range then you WILL HAVE PROBLEMS.

1. The SMC modem blocks access to the internet for that computer. We have experienced this issue on multiple occasions.
2. The SMC modem might allocate the same IP address to a new DHCP client so that you end up with duplicate IP addresses. We have seen this occur more than once.


Another issue on the Modem is the following: You cannot make the DHCP range smaller if the modem has already allocated an address outside the new range. eg. old range = .100 to .150     there is already .148 on the network and now you try and change the range to .100 to .120. No go. It will not work. Disable the network connection and Disconnect all computers. Reboot the modem. Change the range. Repower and reboot all.