Simplex Points


To build a FieldServer configuration a list of points needs to be configured. This requires knowledge of the Points Hardware Reference in card-point-subpoint format. Unfortunately the point ‘name’ looks similar to a Hardware Reference but cannot be used. The following notes outline where the required information can be found using the Simplex Programming Software or from one of the reports produced by the software.


Extract from a report with appropriate Hardware Addresses for FieldServer configuration




Cannot use ‘Point Name’ (2nd column). The HW Ref will always be unique. Some Point names look like HW Refs but are not .


There is no (implied or otherwise) relationship between a point name and a hardware reference. A point name consists of a tag similar to this one; “M4-1-1″, In this example all we can tell is that this point is on the 4th mapnet device added to the system. A hardware reference is declared in a manner similar to this one; “1-1-0″ and is used to indicate c-p-s (card-point-subpoint). The hardware reference is absolute and is based on the position/location in the hardware bays.

When an event occurs a message with the hardware reference is produced. Based on the notes above you can see that it is impossible to produce a configuration unless the mapping file provided by the customer contains hardware references. I cannot find a ‘report’ which can be produced by the 4100 programmer software which provides the information required.