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A Compelling Case

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We call this product an enabler. This inexpensive product can allow you to bid on jobs you simply could not do in the past. You need to maintain a legacy operation while you add to an existing site – Now you can do it easily, inexpensively and reliably on a small or large scale.

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Application Case Studies

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See what others are doing with this product. Use the case studies and the references we can provide to make your customer feel confident in the changes you are trying to sell them.

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High Level Technical Information

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A demo will use up 1 hour of your engineering staff’s time but it will convince them. This product can be used to provide a pathway for you to sell more projects and product. They can talk to you of the limitations of other protocol products that require manual mapping of points and why you would gain a competitive technical advantage.

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For more information contact:

Jamie Fife
Sales Manager
Toll Free: 1-647-557-3330 ext: 101
Office: 1-647-557-3331
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