S4 Open Templates: Changing boolean state names.

In this example there are two devices shown in the left panel of S4 Open Management Console.   These devices were discovered using the S4 Configure Wizard.


The Single Duct (VAV) at 06 matches a device template loaded into the S4 library. Its inputs and outputs have already been named and arranged according to this template.


The Unitary Controller at 07 does not match any of the templates loaded into the S4 library. The s4 has generated a new template for this device. Automatically generated templates list all available points and their read/write properties but lack human-readable information like the device names and I/O state names.


Right Click on the S4 Open BACnet-N2 Router and select properties, then select the Device Types Tab. This displays a list of device templates loaded into the S4 BACnet-N2 Router. Templates can be added with the import button and saved to your harddrive as a .csv file with the export button. The S4 Group provided a large library of templates for BACnet-IP devices. They can be found on the S4 Install and Support CD.

Note: It might sound like a good idea to load every template on the support CD into the S4 router but this can cause problems. Choose the templates for devices on your network instead of the entire collection.



Next export the Single Duct (VAV) template. It will be saved as a csv (comma separated value) file. These files are easiest to edit with spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc. Any of the properties in the file can be edited. The physical properties of a datapoint such as source and writable status should not be changed because they must match the physical device properties. The DeviceType field “N2://72.3″ is what the S4 configuration router uses to automatically match a template to a device .


Two new columns need to be created to specify the text strings used for the ON/OFF states of booleans: “OnText”, “OffText”. If a field in one of these columns is left blank the default text strings are used. This is very useful when dealing with valves where “on” can mean either open or closed depending on the device.


Save the template and import it back into the S4-Bacnet-N2 Router using the S4-Open Management Console. You can not have two templates with the same DeviceType so you will be asked to replace the existing Single Duct VAV (N2://72.3). Two device templates with the same name can exist in the S4-Bacnet-N2 Router. The unique identifier information is the defice type string. There could be two different Single Duct VAV controller templates if one is given a different DeviceType. This may require you to manually apply some templates since the configuration wizard is based on the DeviceType string.


Replacing a template does not automatically effect devices which were previously configured with the old template. The change will occur if the configuration wizard is used again or the device changes templates then back again. Right click on the device then from properties click on the Type text string. From the Applied Device Type field use the dropdown to pick a different template, then select Single Duct (VAV) again. This will apply changes in the template to the device.