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SI Unit Converter

Have you ever needed to convert millimeters to inches, or miles to kilometers? If the answer is yes, then this utility is for you. It can convert just about anything to anything else.

  • More then 50 different units in 20 categories
  • Easy to use
  • It is a Free utility
  • No email address required to download



SI Converter


Beyond Compare


Beyond Compare is a powerful time-saving utility for comparing files and folders on your Windows system. Use it to manage source code, keep folders in sync, compare program output, and validate copies of your data. Beyond Compare can create a snapshot of a live directory structure, and compare it against the live copy at a later date.Beyond Compare helps you analyze differences in detail and carefully reconcile them. It commands a wide range of file and text operations, as well as script commands for automating tasks.

  • Compares text files
  • Compares folders, zip archives, ftp sites
  • Updates websites
  • Merges code changes
  • Compares program output
  • and more

Screen Shots


Beyond Compare



CAS Ethereal Rebroadcast

CAS Ethereal Rebroadcast is a utility designed to mimicking network traffic from an ethereal log file.

The utility sends packets exactly as they are received, including MAC address, IP address, Time stamps, ect.

Because the utility sends the packets exactly as it received, it can work virtually with any Ethernet protocol available, 802.1, 802.3, IP, UDP, TCP, IMAP, BACnet, Lonworks, Modbus, and many more.

Resolving bugs and testing on a site can be costly and time consuming, down time is almost unavoidable, but with this utility you can mimic the network traffic that normally occurs on site in your lab, reducing development times that can save you money and time, great for debugging the wired networking problems.


  • Works with Ethereal log files
  • Can send a series of packets or a single packet
  • Works with virtually every Ethernet protocol available
  • 99% of networks cards supported
  • Easy to use
  • Free, No sign up, No email required


CAS Ethereal Rebroadcast


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