Version History

  • CAS Modbus RTU Parser v1.00cD (15 Feb 2006)
    • Corrected: some numbers intended for printing in hex were printing decimal
    • Corrected: If both poll and response selected then both poll and response are analysed. Previsouly not.
    • Corrected: If poll or response are exceptions then this is now recognized and printed correctly.
    • New:Can process client or server log files.
      • All lines containing ‘TX :’ or ‘RX :’ are processed as poll/response pairs.
      • For client files: TX indicates a poll and Rx indicates a reponse
      • For server files: TX indicates a response and Rx indicates a poll
      • Output is written to a file.
    • New: Screen output can now be copied to copy-buffer by click of a button
    • New: Checksum validation is done during frame validation phase.
    • Corrected: Sample message has valid checksum
    • Corrected: Auto update will now download the new installer instead of sending you to a webpage to download the new version.


  • CAS Modbus RTU Parser v1.00aA (13 Dec 2005)
    • Initial release
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