CAS Virtual BACnet Thermostat


  • Provide temperature control without any hardware costs
  • Designed to minimize your work effort as a contractor.
  • Simple to install and use
  • Brand with your own logo






This thermostat can send commands to a controller using BACnet Ethernet/IP/MSTP. Easy to install, configure and use. The buttons, date and other display elements are configurable. You can brand the display with your corporate logo or stream images/forecasts from a web server.

When not in use it minimizes to an editable icon in the system tray with configurable mouse-over display.

The thermostat can be used without input as a temperature controller or it can be used as a fully functional thermostat as it accepts inputs from other BACnet capable devices or from a PC connected sensor.



  • Complete spreadsheet – name each stat, configure BACnet addresses, select options.
  • Push OK button.
  • Output is a number of windows installer files – one for each stat.



  • Email installers to user’s.
  • Run Exe.
  • Done.


How to use the Thermostat Demo


1. Download

Download from this link (This is a free file hosting site – Use Internet Explorer to download the files).


Place the file named casthermo.csv in the folder c:\temp


2. Install and run the configuration Utility

Run the installer and accept all default options

Start the Configuration Utility

File -> Open

Navigate to c:\temp

Open the file casthermo.csv


This is a demo that creates 2 virtual thermostats named room 1 and lobby.

Review the screen of data. Do not make changes.


3. Create installers for each virtual thermostat (This is how you will distribute the thermostats to your customer’s/field tech’s)

File->Create Installers


4. Distribute / Install the Thermostats


Now you have created a thermostat for each zone. You can install them on any computer, on more than one computer and you can install them on the same computer you used to run the configuration utility


You can find the installers for each thermostat in this folder.


C:\Program Files\Chipkin Automation Systems\CAS Thermostat Configuration Utility\out


Double click on one or more to install them. Accept all the default options.




NOTE: This demo is configured to read BACNet data from device 16 and 17 on network 99. You do not have these devices so you will have timeouts. To prevent them occurring to often we configured the demo to refresh data only every 30 seconds.


Download the CAS Virtual BACnet Thermostat data sheet

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