CAS BACnet Watchdog


CAS BACnet Watchdog monitors and records BACnet packets and message from certain Devices and Objects.
Message can then be flagged depending on certain criteria.For example:
Let’s say you have a BACnet IP network with a few dozens of device on the network. One of the devises controls the thermostat for a building but its temperature set point keeps getting overwritten by a rouge or damage BACnet device, and you can’t seem to find out what device is causing the problem.
Here comes CAS BACnet Watchdog, it can tell you what devices are sending the read and write values to your BACnet objects.
Next time if the device’s temperature set point is incorrect it will be logged and you will be able to find and replace/repair the device.




  • Monitors reads and writes
  • Monitors for any particular BACnet message
  • Monitors particular devices or your entire network
  • Works with BACnet®/Ethernet 802.3, BACnet®/IP networks simultaneously
  • Simple to use


  • Windows: XP / 2000
  • 10 MB of free hard drive space
  • A WinpCap supported network card (99% of all network cards)

Download Demo

This tool is out of date and is no longer supported.
Please feel free to contact us directly with your project needs

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