Supports MSTP

CAS BACnet Explorer now supports BACnet MSTP with the help of a RS485 adapter.

A USB to RS485 adapter provides a virtual comm port that CAS BACnet Explorer can use to talk to your BACnet MSTP devices. These RS485 adapters are relatively cheap approximately ~70 USD and can be bought at your local electronics store or we can provide you with one that we have thoroughly tested in our lab environment.

Now you can test and debug your BACnet MSTP without having to worry about the inconsistencies of BACnet MSTP routers.


Supported RS485 adapter

CAS BACnet Explorer should work with any RS485 adapter that detects as a virtual comm port on your PC.

Adapter Manufacturer Tested
USB-COMi-SI-M USBGEAR In lab (14 Dec 2006)

For a full list of supported adapter please read the CAS BACnet manual.

If you know of any RS485 adapter that works with our CAS BACnet Explorer let us know.

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