The S4 Open: N2 Switch

“Moving the METASYS® by JCI Legacy Forward”


S4 Open: N2 Switch

The S4 Open: N2 switch combines multiple N2 buses into a single virtual N2 bus, allowing supervisory controllers to manage much larger systems.  This is a highly cost effective alternative to using multiple supervisory controllers or moving devices to a single physical bus. It also extends an N2 network across an TCP/IP allowing Ethernet or WIFI communication between N2 devices and controllers.


The S4 Open: N2 Switch provides flexibility and cost savings to building automation system retrofit and upgrade projects. The N2 Switch enhances and extends existing legacy Metasys® by JCI installations to give new life to older systems.

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Key Benefits

  • Ability to bring many N2 buses in a large complex building into one virtual N2 bus. The N2 Switch acts as the bus master for each and allows independent adjustment of polling rates and other parameters for each.
  • Standard vendor tools are used to configure N2 devices on each N2 bus.
  • Automatically locates and identifies new devices, and their Process Points on the N2 bus.
  • All points on all N2 buses are displayable through the management console.
  • N2 interfaces can be extended over Ethernet and WIFI  TCP/IP connections.
  • Filtering and point mapping allow you to expose only a subset of the active points to upstream supervisory controllers (NCM, N30, or Metasys by JCI Extended systems) through the virtual N2 Bus.
  • The N2 Switch acts as a N2-Open device and attaches to any N2 bus.


Suggested Applications

  • Combining multiple legacy N2 buses into a single virtual N2 bus when upgrading older technology, less powerful Supervisory Controllers to current generation Metasys by JCI systems. This approach drastically improves the economics of an upgrade by minimizing the number of newer, more powerful, Supervisory Controllers needed and eliminating the need to reprogram or readdress any of the devices on the legacy N2 field buses.
  • Extending an N2 bus to remote sections of a building or campus using a site’s existing Ethernet infrastructure.  See our Extreme N2 Networking Tech Notes for a list of currently supported devices.


System Configuration

Delivered as a network appliance on an Industrial PC for high availability and reliability.

Feature Price
– 2 Downstream N2 Networks (standard COM ports) Included
– 1 Virtual N2 Network© Included
– IPC hardware Included
Option Price
– Additional Downstream N2 Networks (standard COM port) TBA
– Additional Downstream N2 Network (Ethernet extended RS-485) TBA
– Additional Remote Downstream N2 Network (WAN support, optimized timing, caching, etc) TBA
– Hardware for the remote Ethernet to RS-485 conversion TBA


Call or email us to learn more, to request a 30 day demonstration system delivered directly to you, or to request a price quote.


System Architecture

All S4 Open products are based on a common core technology platform enabling Lego®-like “mix-and-match” capability for your building automation systems.


Metasys® as used in this document is a trademark of Johnson Controls, Inc.

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