The S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router

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This product is in a design concept phase and will be produced to meet customer demand. The S4 Group, Inc. is actively soliciting customer comments and ideas to help us determine the final feature set and acceptable price points for the product.


S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router


S4 Open products from the S4 Group creates flexibility and cost savings to Building Automation systems. The S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router from the S4 group is the gateway to third party product integration into Metasys® N2 by JCI environments and enables seamless migration to BACnet Control Solutions while preserving existing investment in N2 Bus based infrastructure. In addition built-in Ethernet connectivity offers broader connectivity and the ability to treat your BAS as network-able device. The BACnet-N2 Router introduces cost saving in virtually every upgrade, maintenance, or replacement on the N2 bus.


Use Case: Seamless Migration of Metasys N2 by JCI Systems to BACnet



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Key Benefits

  • All the features and services provided by the S4 Open: N2 Switch.
  • An additional upstream BACnet interface is provided
  • Filtering and point mapping allow you to expose only a subset of the active points to peer BACnet devices.

Suggested Applications

  • Providing aggregation of remote N2 devices for a centralized Metasys by JCI system
  • Connecting legacy N2 devices to an open architecture BACnet-based Building Automation System.
  • Extending the N2 bus over a customers existing Ethernet building infrastructure to remote sections of a building or campus combining all of these segments into one virtual N2 bus. See our Extreme N2 Networking Tech Notes for a list of currently supported devices.


System Configuration

Delivered as a network appliance on an Industrial PC for high availability and reliability.


Feature Price
- 1 Downstream N2 Network (standard COM port) Included
- 1 Virtual N2 Network Included
- 1 Upstream BACnet Interface Included
- IPC hardware Included
Option Price
- Additional Downstream N2 Network (standard COM port) TBA
- Additional Downstream N2 Network (Ethernet extended RS-485) TBA
- Additional Remote Downstream N2 Network (WAN support, optimized timing, caching, etc) TBA
- Additional Upstream interfaces TBA
- Hardware for the remote Ethernet to RS-485 conversion TBA


Call or email us to learn more, to request a 30 day demonstration system delivered directly to you, or to request a price quote.


System Architecture

All S4 Open products are based on a common core technology platform enabling Lego®-like “mix-and-match” capability for your building automation systems.


Metasys® as used in this document is a trademark of Johnson Controls, Inc.

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