The S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router

“Your Key To Industry Compatibility”

S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router

S4 Open products from the S4 Group creates flexibility and cost savings to Building Automation systems. The S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router from the S4 group is the gateway to third party product integration into Metasys® N2 by JCI environments and enables seamless migration to BACnet Control Solutions while preserving existing investment in N2 Bus based infrastructure. In addition built-in Ethernet connectivity offers broader connectivity and the ability to treat your BAS as network-able device. The BACnet-N2 Router introduces cost saving in virtually every upgrade, maintenance, or replacement on the N2 bus.

Use Case: Seamless Migration of Metasys N2 by JCI Systems to BACnet



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Key Benefits

  • All the features and services provided by the S4 Open: N2 Switch.
  • An additional upstream BACnet interface is provided
  • Filtering and point mapping allow you to expose only a subset of the active points to peer BACnet devices.

Suggested Applications

  • Providing aggregation of remote N2 devices for a centralized Metasys by JCI system
  • Connecting legacy N2 devices to an open architecture BACnet-based Building Automation System.
  • Extending the N2 bus over a customers existing Ethernet building infrastructure to remote sections of a building or campus combining all of these segments into one virtual N2 bus. See our Extreme N2 Networking Tech Notes for a list of currently supported devices.


System Configuration

Delivered as a network appliance on an Industrial PC for high availability and reliability.


Feature Price
– 1 Downstream N2 Network (standard COM port) Included
– 1 Virtual N2 Network Included
– 1 Upstream BACnet Interface Included
– IPC hardware Included
Option Price
– Additional Downstream N2 Network (standard COM port) TBA
– Additional Downstream N2 Network (Ethernet extended RS-485) TBA
– Additional Remote Downstream N2 Network (WAN support, optimized timing, caching, etc) TBA
– Additional Upstream interfaces TBA
– Hardware for the remote Ethernet to RS-485 conversion TBA


Call or email us to learn more, to request a 30 day demonstration system delivered directly to you, or to request a price quote.


System Architecture

All S4 Open products are based on a common core technology platform enabling Lego®-like “mix-and-match” capability for your building automation systems.


Metasys® as used in this document is a trademark of Johnson Controls, Inc.

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