There are two solution platforms for SNMP

  • FieldServer – FieldServer can read data using over 110 protocols from device like Fire Panels, PLC’s Gensets, HVAC etc. Almost all of this data can be served as SNMP data – you poll for it and/or it can be served as traps. In addition, FieldServers can monitor SNMP enabled devices such as UPS’s and serve that data using other protocols so the data can be integrated into Building and Industrial Systems.

FieldServer have 2x SNMP Drivers. They are both v1 drivers and while similar they have important differences in the way TRAPS carry their payload and some other important differences.

SNMP — FS-8704-09 (aka FieldServer legacy SNMP Driver)

SNMP — FS-8704-26 (aka FieldServer Standard SNMP Driver)


  • S4 Open – The S4 Open platform connects SNMP enabled devices to an OPC server so HMI’s and control systems can monitor and command the SNMP enabled devices. A high degree of automation is provided based on automatic discovery of SNMP devices and walks through their MIB trees.


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