Profibus Protocols

profibus network image


Profibus DP

  • Decentralized Peripherals
  • RS485 transmission protocol.
  • Used for factory automation in  nonhazardous environments.
  • Uses purple two core screened cable cable.
  • Speeds can be configured from 9.6Kbps to 12Mbps.
  • Hub or repeater required for buses with more than 32 devices.
  • profibus DP


Profibus PA

    • Process Automation
    • Designed for use in hazardous/explosive environments.
    • Uses blue two core screened cable cable.
    • Uses Manchester Bus Powered technology to reduce the possibility of sparks.
    • Uses the same RS485 protocol as DP but with a slower unchangeable 31.25 kbit/s data rate for increased reliability


  • Profibus PA



  • Profibus using an Ethernet tcp/ip network
  • Every profinet device is assigned an IP address, MAC address, name and description.
  • Can use static IP addresses or DHCP.
  • Real time and isochronous real time communication.
  • Diagnose problems with WireShark and other PC network analyzers.
  • Cycle time as low as 31.25 microseconds
  • Uses dynamic frame packing to improve network efficiency.
  • profinet
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