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Metasys® as used in this document is a trademark of Johnson Controls, Inc.

Range of Conversion Solutions


Depending on project requirements select from units with varying resources. and multi port devices. OEM and embedded solutions too.

QuickServer 1010 2x RS485 1x Ethernet
QuickServer 1011 1x RS485 1x Ethernet 1x Lonworks
QuickServer 1210 1x RS485 1xRS232 1x Ethernet
QuickServer 1211 1x RS485 1xRS232 1x Ethernet 1x Lonworks
QuickServer Fieldbus 1x RS485 1x Ethernet M-bus or KNX
FS20 Series 1x RS232/485 1x Ethernet 1x Lonworks
FS25 Series 2x RS232/485 1x Ethernet
FS30 Series 2x RS232 and 2x RS485 2x Ethernet 1x Lonworks FieldBus Support:eg Profibus, DeviceNet etcHot Standby Support
FS40 Series 8x RS232 and 2x RS485 2x Ethernet 1x Lonworks FieldBus Support: eg DH+, MB+, Profibus, DeviceNet etcHot Standby Support
SlotServer 1x RS232/485 1x Ethernet 1x Lonworks For Rockwell ControlLogix 5600

Level III and Prosys Connectivity

CAS can provide integration solutions which provide remote monitoring and control of GE Lighting Systems.

These systems have very limited native support for integration. Level III systems communicate using a proprietary GE protocol and can only communicate with GE Software for configuration and remote monitoring and control. Prosys systems have a Lonworks interface. Neither of these systems provides interfaces to Modbus, BACnet, Metasys N2 by JCI, ROckwell, GE Fanuc, Omron, SNMP, HTTP and many other popular protocols. The diagram below illustrates some of the connectivity that CAS can provide.

The Diagram below illustates some of the connectivity we can provide.


Level III Direct Connection

CAS can provide solutons which connect directly to each Level III Panel. You can thus avoid connecting the GE Network and you dont require a RLink


Tunnel for GE Software

Tunnel to GE Software: GE Software can share the same Rlink as the FieldServer. FieldServer provides a data tunnel using a second serial port on the FieldServer

Prosys Integration – Only CAS can control / monitor relays induvidually.

Even though the Prosys series of panels support Lonworks no other Lonworks gateway is able to offer the level of control and monitoring that CAS can provide. Other solutions are unable to monitor and control relays indivually. Others are limited to group control. To achieve this CAS has developed a special driver for the Prosys which works with Lonworks to allow this extra control. The driver was tested at the GE facility in Vancouver. The CAS driver also provides a way of integrate other parameters of the panel such as schedule events.


Free Bacnet Explorer Offer

Each time you purchase a gateway which supports BACnet we provide a free license to the CAS BACnet explorer. This software tool can be used to test the BACnet interface. You can montitor and command relays. You can also use this tool to document the BACnet objects and points.


Connect with over 110 protocols

We have solutions to convert GE Lighting Data into

Building Atomation :


Bacnet (IP, Ethernet, MSTP, Arcnet ),

Metasys N2 Open by JCI,

TAC I-Net,


Web :




Industrial :


Rockwell (CSP, DF1, Ethernet IP, ControlLogix Module),






In addition the same FieldServer can support intergration of data from HVAC, Fire, other Lighting Systems and many more. Example: Simplex, Notifier, Honeywell, Lennox, Trane, Johnson, McQuay, Caterpillar, Cummins. Call and discuss your requirements.

We can develop new drivers for the gateway to support new systems.


Automation and Integration

We can help you automate your GE TLC level 2, level3 and prosys systems by providing an integration pathway. Our solutions allows monitoring of relay states, relay fail states as well as commands to control relays and relay groups using channels and PSS’s. This means you can implement the automation stratgey and schedulging in a controller that is remote to the lighting system once you connect using our solution.


Data Sheets and Manuals

Data Sheet – FieldServer Driver – Serial – FS-8700-108- GE TLC

More Data Sheets


Need Help

GE TLC Web Site:

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Metasys® as used in this document is a trademark of Johnson Controls, Inc.

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