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Cummins 2100, 3100, ATS; controllers for Building Management and Industrial Systems

System integration represents a tiny component by value of your sales and yet it often requires a major effort. Let us help your sales effort by reducing this burden.
Not everyone uses Lonworks and even though Cummins has a Modbus interface what about all the other systems out there. FieldServers have support for over 110 interfaces including the 600lb gorillas of the industrial control world such as Lonworks and BACnet which is the new popular Building Automation System.
We have module solutions which allow integration directly into Rockwell ControlLogix PLC’s as well as the stand alone solutions shown bottom right.
We are able to configure FieldServers so that they can talk to your controllers without requiring the use of Lonmaker or other Lonworks tools. We can do this using explicit messaging.



We have module solutions   as well as the stand alone solutions shown bottom right.




Block Diagram

FS30 series shown for purposes of illustration. Capability depends on hardware, firmware and configuration.


Chipkin Automation and Cummins

1. Experience working with Cummins. Over the last 18 months we have worked with the Langley, BC branch to help provide integrations into Building Automation Systems.
2. We are system integration specialists. We have worked with most of the Building Automation Systems before.
3. We provide a free CAS BACnet explorer when you integrate to a system using BACnet. This software tool, developed by us, helps your technicians prove and test the interface. This option will save you $600 and it will save you pain.


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