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FS30 series shown for purposes of illustration. Capability depends on hardware, firmware and configuration.

CAS can configure Lonworks gateways so that they can communicate with Lonworks devices without having to be commissioned and bound. For example, when we configure a Lonworks to BACnet gateway for Cummins Generators we are able to deliver a gateway which a field technician can install simply by connecting the Lonworks network cable. The Field Tech doesn’t need Lonmaker or Lonworks skills. All we need to do configurations this way is to know the address of the Lonworks device. Even if you don’t know this single piece of data we can loan your field tech a laptop with a software tool which will discover the required info. Of course, we can configure the gateways so you can commission the gateway and bind its data points.

Our Gateways can be configured to use Lontalk explicit and implicit messaging.



We have module solutions which allow integration directly into Lonworks products as well as the stand alone solutions shown bottom right.

Range of Conversion Solutions


Depending on project requirements select from units with varying resources. and multi port devices. OEM and embedded solutions too.

QuickServer 1010 2x RS485 1x Ethernet
QuickServer 1011 1x RS485 1x Ethernet 1x Lonworks
QuickServer 1210 1x RS485 1xRS232 1x Ethernet
QuickServer 1211 1x RS485 1xRS232 1x Ethernet 1x Lonworks
QuickServer Fieldbus 1x RS485 1x Ethernet M-bus or KNX
FS20 Series 1x RS232/485 1x Ethernet 1x Lonworks
FS25 Series 2x RS232/485 1x Ethernet
FS30 Series 2x RS232 and 2x RS485 2x Ethernet 1x Lonworks FieldBus Support:eg Profibus, DeviceNet etcHot Standby Support
FS40 Series 8x RS232 and 2x RS485 2x Ethernet 1x Lonworks FieldBus Support: eg DH+, MB+, Profibus, DeviceNet etcHot Standby Support
SlotServer 1x RS232/485 1x Ethernet 1x Lonworks For Rockwell ControlLogix 5600

Lonworks and Fieldbus are options not proviced on base models.

Data Sheets and Manuals


Data Sheet – FieldServer Driver – FieldBus – FS-8700-21 – LonWorks

Manual – FieldServer Driver – FieldBus – FS-8700-21 – LonWorks

More Data Sheets


Jargon Watch

Lonworks – a wide ranging term generally applied to describe the whole technology developed by Echelon. It is used frequently and ambiguously.
LonTalk – A registred trademark belonging to Echelon. They use it as the name of the protocol used for data communications in a Lonworks system. Ie. It is the brandname protocol. Echelon released this protocol so it could be adopted as a standard – ANSI-approved standard EIA/CEA-709.1-A-1999 – SO/IEC Standard 14908 or European standard EN14908.


Why are Lonworks communications so good ?

The communications between all Lonworks devices is done by means of a proprietry chip (The Neuron chip) made according to one design by one company according to one standard which it wrote on its own. It’s obvious that there are so many less aspects of the data communications process that can go wrong when there is a single entity involved. When a device vendor implements a Lonworks System Interface he simply has to implement the application layer of the data communication process. For almost all other protocols the device vendor must implement the physical layer, data link layer, the Network Layer, The transport Layer, The Session Layer, the Presentation Layer and the Application Layer. You can see how many more areas of risk there are.

When Echelon released the standard, their license terms required anyone who implements it to implement the full standard. The fact that other vendors can’t cherry pick features and services means that even when implemented by other vendors you still have the same strong chance of success.


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