QuickServer Fieldbus – MBus

Quickserver Mbus

QuickServer Mbus


Series QuickServer Fieldbus – MBus

The M-Bus QuickServer Gateway is configurable to act as both a Master and a Slave M-Bus device. As an M-Bus Master the number of devices supported is limited to up to 64 devices as the FieldServer provides power to the M- Bus. The M-Bus master interrogates the slave devices as the gateway acts as a Client. It will request information from the slave devices and receive and process only the expected responses. As an M-Bus Slave the maximum number of devices on the M-Bus is limited to the M- Bus standard of 250. The gateway will act as an M-Bus Slave and will respond only to requests from the M-Bus master devices.
Baud Rate: 300-38400 baud
Isolation: Galvanic isolation
Hardware Interface: Phoenix connector
Power consumption: 8W to support 64 M-Bus slaves
M-Bus standards supported: EN 13757-2 (physical and link layer) and EN 13757-3 (application layer)

Block Diagram:


Mbus Block diagram

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