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Series QuickServer Fieldbus – KNX

The QuickServer KNX Protocol Gateway from FieldServer Technologies enables data access from KNX networks to devices and networks utilizing open and proprietary protocols such as BACnet, Modbus, LonWorks, Metasys N2 by JCI, EtherNet/IP SNMP and more.

QuickServer is a galvanic-isolated translator device on KNX/TP installations with control and monitoring capabilities. All EIS data types are supported, allowing communication to any kind of KNX solution devices in the installation, such as temperature sensors, shutters, light switches, actuators, alarms etc.

The product versions include:

  • KNX Gateway: Allows Building Automation and Industrial Automation systems to access a KNX network using direct read and write of KNX configured groups. This setup does not require the use of ETS4 to configure the QuickServer KNX protocol gateway.
  • KNX Device Emulation: Allows third party devices to be recognized as KNX devices. This utilizes the system mode offered by ETS4, to configure the QuickServer along with the rest of the devices in the KNX installation.

Advanced Functions:

  • Data Relocate
  • Scaling
  • Checking your configuration
  • Passive Client applications
  • Data Manipulation
  • Logic Active
  • Server applications
  • Reporting Node Status
  • Bit packing
  • Testing tools
  • Web discovery interface
  • Web browser interface

Block Diagram:

KNX Block Diagram2

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