QuickServer – BACnet/IP to JCI Metasys N2

FS-QS-1010-0122 QuickServer – BACnet/IP to JCI Metasys N2

The FS-QS-1010-0122 QuickServer provides a cost-effective, easy to use interface from BACnet/IP to JCI Metasys N2. The QuickServer is delivered with both drivers preloaded and ready to be configured using the provided instructions and software.


QuickServer Key Features:

  • BACnet Testing Laboratory (BTL)Mark
  • Ability to interface up to 250 points of common BAS protocols
  • Multi-configuration capability; specific configurations selectable via DIP switches or software
  • Flat panel mount standard, DIN rail mount option
  • DIP switches to select baud rate or node ID on the fly


BACnet/IP driver:

  • Driver type: Client or Server
  • Data Link layer: BACnet IP, (Annex J)
  • Connection type: BACnet/IP Internet Protocol (IP), 10/100BaseT, BBMD supported
  • BACnet COV support for fast data communication while reducing traffic over a BACnet network
  • Data types supported:
    • AI – Analog Input Object
    • AO – Analog Output Object
    • AV – Analog Value Object
    • BI – Binary Input Object
    • BO – Binary Output Object
    • BV – Binary Value Object
    • MI – Multi-state Input Object
    • MO – Multi-state Output Object
    • MV – Multi-state Value Object


JCI Metasys N2 driver:

  • Supports communication with following devices or classes of devices when acting as a Client
    • N2OPEN-compliant devices
    • VMA 1400 series
    • DX9100 and XT9100
  • Driver type: Client or Server
  • Connection type: RS-485 (two wire, half duplex)
  • Baud rates: 9600
  • Devices tested:
    • UNT
    • VMA1410,
    • VMA1420
    • DX9100 with XT9100 extension
    • NCM (FieldServer as N2Open server)
    • VAV
    • AHU
    • VND


Block Diagram

Metasys® as used in this document is a trademark of Johnson Controls, Inc.

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