Chipkin Automation Systems is an Authorized distributor of FieldServer Technologies’ ProtoCessor OEM product line.

ProtoCessor is a family of embedded and external low cost, high performance Building and Industrial Automation multi-protocol gateways. These products allow OEM’s to rapidly support the various protocols like BACnet, LonWorks, DNP3 and others without having to invest significant engineering resources to develop the protocols themselves. By implementing the ProtoCessor solution, the OEM gains instant access to 100+ Industrial and Building Automation protocols.

Chipkin Automation Systems is certified in sales and support of all the ProtoCessor products. We support the OEM through the entire design process through to production. This includes helping the OEM implement the ProtoCessor hardware on the OEM’s platform to creating the configuration files for the OEM.


Full Function ProtoCessor – FFP


ProtoCessor Design Guide

These modules are designed on the OEM’s controller by implementing a ProtoCessor serial TTL socket (5VDC).





The ProtoNode family consists of 2 external solutions.

  • ProtoNode RER – supports serial-to-serial, serial-to-Ethernet, Ethernet-to-serial, and Ethernet-to-Ethernet protocol translation.
  • ProtoNode LER (LonWorks) – supports serial-to-LonWorks, Ethernet-to-LonWorks, LonWorks-to-serial, and LonWorks-to-Ethernet protocol translation.

Application Information Sheet – ProtoCessor OEM Development Program


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