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Connectivity solutions for ControlLogix platform to LonWorks, BACnet, Metasys by JCI, Fire Alarm Panels and Process Controls.

ControlLogix Connectivity solutions

Rockwell Automation’s ControlLogix platform from Allen Bradley is the premier high-speed, high-performance control platform used today in a wide range of applications. FieldServer is the premier gateway of choice in the building automation and process control industries providing the interoperability demanded by today’s integrators and operators. The SlotServer from FieldServer Technologies provides the link from the powerful FieldServer family of drivers to the power of Allen Bradley’s ControlLogix. SlotServer provides the two-way connectivity needed from ControlLogix platform to over 75 different protocols previously not available via ControlLogix.

Manuals and Datasheets

Slotserver Datasheet

– Slotserver-LonWorks Manual

SlotServer – LonWorks to ControlLogix — FS-RA-CLX-LON-001

The SlotServer-LonWorks Open Interface module interfaces directly to LonWorks communications network. LonWorks is a key open system protocol used in building automation, transportation, and process control. Providing a standard generic profile in LonWorks SlotServer allows most of the more common Standard Network Variable Types (SNVT’s) to be bound to SlotServer for data transfer. SlotServer provides two-way connectivity to energy management systems, HVAC controls, VFD, generators and building control systems available from such manufacturer’s as Honeywell, Circon, Johnson Controls, Distech Controls, Echelon, Tridium, Loytec, and many more.

SlotServer – LonWorks to ControlLogix — FS-RA-CLX-LON-001

SlotServer – BAS FS-RA-CLX-BAS-001

Building Automation Systems (BAS) include both a selection of “open” protocols such as BACnet, LonWorks, Modbus and Metasys by JCI, but also a wide range of proprietary and legacy protocols utilized by HVAC, VAV, boiler controls, chillers, air conditioners, fume hoods and more. The FieldServer extensive driver library includes most proprietary building controls protocols to enable two-way communication from ControlLogix platform to these devices.

SlotServer – BAS FS-RA-CLX-BAS-001

SlotServer – Fire Alarm Panels FS-RA-CLX-FIR-001

A wide variety of Fire Alarm Panels are utilized in buildings and facilities. Each manufacturer has their own proprietary protocol for interface to external devices and systems. Only FieldServer Technologies has a driver library that includes the protocols of every major fire alarm panel manufacturer in the U.S. These protocols enable direct communication from ControlLogix platform to the fire alarm panel. The SlotServer-Fire Alarm Panel Open Interface module interfaces directly to most common fire alarm panels manufactured by Notifier, Simplex/Grinnell, EST, Honeywell, GE, FCI, Siemens, Fike, VESDA, Silent Knight, Gamewell and others

SlotServer – Fire Alarm Panels FS-RA-CLX-FIR-001

SlotServer – Process Controls FS-RA-CLX-PRO-001

The FieldServer driver library also includes a variety of process control protocols. Combined with the SlotServer-Process Open Interface module these protocols enable direct interface to Process Control networks and devices utilizing such protocols as Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, DNP 3.0, GE-EGD, SNMP, OPC, JBus and more.

SlotServer – Process Controls FS-RA-CLX-PRO-001


Chipkin Automation Systems is an Authorized distributor of FieldServer Technologies’ ProtoCessor OEM product line.

ProtoCessor is a family of embedded and external low cost, high performance Building and Industrial Automation multi-protocol gateways. These products allow OEM’s to rapidly support the various protocols like BACnet, LonWorks, DNP3 and others without having to invest significant engineering resources to develop the protocols themselves. By implementing the ProtoCessor solution, the OEM gains instant access to 100+ Industrial and Building Automation protocols.

Chipkin Automation Systems is certified in sales and support of all the ProtoCessor products. We support the OEM through the entire design process through to production. This includes helping the OEM implement the ProtoCessor hardware on the OEM’s platform to creating the configuration files for the OEM.


Full Function ProtoCessor – FFP


ProtoCessor Design Guide

These modules are designed on the OEM’s controller by implementing a ProtoCessor serial TTL socket (5VDC).





The ProtoNode family consists of 2 external solutions.

  • ProtoNode RER – supports serial-to-serial, serial-to-Ethernet, Ethernet-to-serial, and Ethernet-to-Ethernet protocol translation.
  • ProtoNode LER (LonWorks) – supports serial-to-LonWorks, Ethernet-to-LonWorks, LonWorks-to-serial, and LonWorks-to-Ethernet protocol translation.

Application Information Sheet – ProtoCessor OEM Development Program


Metasys® as used in this document is a trademark of Johnson Controls, Inc.

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