We sell, support, configure, develop new drivers and add value to FieldServer – The ultimate protocol translator.


Chipkin Automation Systems and FieldServer

CAS have worked with FieldServer Technologies Inc since September 2000. Initially we provided software engineering services and helped FieldServer develop its driver library. At one point about 40% of FieldServer’s library had been developed by CAS. Our primary role has changed from engineering development to 2nd tier tech support and to the sale of FieldServer products.


Chipkin Automation is an Approved FieldServer Integrator

Based on the length of our business relationship, our in house skills and experience FieldServer Technologies has appointed CAS as an approved integrator. CAS were amongst the 1st group of integrators that FST approved.

We can develop new protocol drivers for FieldServer’s. Bring your product to the BAS market by having a driver developed.


Fieldserver Pricing

Our FieldServer pricing is competitive. We add value by bundling professional software tools, worth hundreds of dollars, free so you can be more effective on site.

Configuration Services: Our pricing is very competitive and includes all the support you need until your integration is working.


Fieldserver Sales

We are a sales partner, a representative and distributor all in one.

Distributor: We hold stock of key FieldServer’s and can ship same day.

Representative: For unusual FieldServer’s and protocol combinations.

Please call +1 866 383 1657 ext 204 for sales.


FieldServer Support

CAS know fieldserver products to source code level. CAS developed over 40 of the drivers in the FIeldserver Library. CAS has worked with FieldServer’s since 2000. CAS has helped customers install and integrate thousands of devices. We know the protocols, we know the BAS products, we know instrumentation and automation. CAS’s provides on site integration services too.


FieldServer Configuration

We have done thousands of configurations over the years for all sorts of devices. We are experts on the FieldServers and we have a team that can provide your configuration overnight


Special Offer

*Purchase a FieldServer/SlotServer from us that contains any BACnet protocol and we will help you test and document the BACnet interface by providing a free full license to the CAS BACnet Explorer and CAS BACspy. The USB key ships with the FieldServer. Limited time offer. Only applies when the FieldServer/SlotServer is purchased from Chipkin Automation Systems.

Our competitors charge up to $795 for similar products.



The powerful FieldServer solves communication and protocol conversion problems and improves response times in distributed data acquisition and control systems. The FieldServer is available as:

  • A Protocol Translator, translating from one protocol to another in a variety of applications. Drivers are available for a wide range of protocols. Refer to for latest list of available drivers.
  • An Ethernet Gateway, enabling new and old PLCs, RTUs, and SCADA devices to link to Ethernet for plant wide communications. Refer to for latest list of available drivers.
  • A Port Expander with one serial port, one Ethernet port and extensive modem and communications capabilities. The internal poll-block caching capability insures that data from various PLC/RTU devices is immediately available to the SCADA devices when needed. Data can be cached from slower devices or remote units for immediate access by the host device.
  • A Scanner to connect a PC to a field node using serial or Ethernet ports. Modern PCs have few or no available slots for additional interface boards. The Scanner eliminates the requirement to plug an interface board into a PC to communicate to field nodes. An OPC driver simplifies Scanner configuration and communication.
  • An Embedded board that meets OEM application requirements where the user needs to have a FieldServer included as part of their package as a single board addition. A PC104 connection is provided for power transfer.
  • A Remote Serial Port allowing serial data to be transported via Ethernet as TCP/IP packets. Such a device is also known as a tunneling device

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