1-Wire Data Client/Logger


Data Clients/Loggers

Data Clients read data from 1-Wire sensors and provide the following features:

  • Report – Display real time sensor values and connection status.
  • Trend – Renders a chart of recent sensor values. The number of samples and other parameters are configurable.
  • Log – Data is time stamped and appended to log files on a FIFO basis
  • Archive – Data is appended to archive files which are zipped to save space. Can have many configurable parameters. Files are available through FTP and HTTP.
  • Serve to the Web – Data can be pushed from site to web. JSON, HTTP push, SMS, and Email data services are provided.
  • Serve to the Enterprise –  XML and other enterprise protocols.
  • Visualization – Complex web based GUI is provided. Objects can be animated with live data.


1-Wire Data Client/Logger Description

The 1-Wire data logger can:

  • Read and log data from a 1-Wire sensor bus.
  • Support parasitic power buses.
  • Automatically detect and configure new 1-Wire sensors.
  • User configurable sensor read periods.
  • Transmit log files and real-time data to remote applications through HTTP, FTP, SOAP/XML GET requests, SMS, and email.
  • Generate an HTML web interface for viewing data and configuring the data client through a web browser.


Hard/Soft Solutions

You can purchase the loggers/data clients as devices or you can purchase them as software. As software they may be run on any compatible version of Windows©. This means you can select your own computers of any format to run them on or you can run them on a server.

Device Based Data Logger Products


CAS2500-26-UL 1-Wire Data Client

Connects to 1-Wire devices to read data. The data and transactions are logged. The log files are available from the on-board web server and can be transferred to other computers. Current data can be monitored by remote systems running applications that can issue HTTP, FTP, SMS, email, and SOAP/XML GET requests. – such applications can be easily developed by end users. Of course, this data is available using an Internet Browser such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Connection parameters, device parameters and data parameters are configurable.

1-Wire Data Client/Logger Diagram

CAS2500-26-UL-1 Wire Data Client Connection diagram

Support and Manuals

CAS2500-26-UL 1-Wire Data Client

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