CAS Driver – CAS-2700-58 Functional Devices Wi-Fi RIB to BACnet IP Gateway


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Key Features

  • The CAS2700-58 BACnet/IP Gateway offers the ability to implement a wide variety of wireless solutions from a BACnet/IP network in Building Automation, otherwise by utilizing the powerful and flexible WiFi RIB technology
  • With the Chipkin WiFi RIB Gateway, the opportunity is there to turn loads on/off (DO – HTTP Commands) while monitoring with 2 Universal Inputs (0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc, 4-20ma, thermistors), including a separate single DI for additional monitoring, if required.
  • Our Chipkin Gateway allows for collection and logging of data when using the Functional Devices WiFi RIB wireless solution (XML Status reporting).
  • The CAS2700-58 Gateway will allow you to view logs and current data using the onboard webserver.
  • The Chipkin Gateway will also serve data to other applications over BACnet/IP, if desired.
  • The network can be existing, new, parallel or standalone; large or small.

Product Description

The CAS2700-58 connects to the Functional Devices WiFi RIB (HTTP/XML) enabled devices via network, turning loads on & off, offering system monitoring, while being logged into the gateway device.
Typically, this information is processed through a controller where logic is derived from the data collected. These log files are available and can be transferred to other computers or just monitored by remote systems over BACnet/IP.
This data is also available using an Internet Browser such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Connection parameters, device parameters and data parameters are configurable.

CAS Gateway
















As technology continues to move forward in the wireless applications of Building Automation, Energy Management and Lighting Control Systems, the more reason to use a Functional Devices wireless solution is evident.

By using a Wi-Fi network, setup can become easier and less expensive than the traditional hard wire used in previous networks.
By incorporating the CAS2700-58 & the RIBTW2401B-WIUI-N4 RIB into your network, devices can easily be installed into those hard to get to places—especially for new & retrofit applications.


2016-01-06 15_25_35-CAS_DFS_CAS2700-58-FunctionalDevicesRIB_to_BACnetIP_Gateway.pdf - Adobe Acrobat


Connection Configuration

CAS 2700 58 Connection Diagram


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