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DH+ (Data Highway Plus)

Proprietry physical layer based on Coax – the so called ‘blue hose’. Slow with max speed of 230k but most installations only use 57k.


DF1 (Serial)

Been around ages. Often requires handshaking lines to be connected or jumpered. Available in 232/485 versions.


CSP or Legacy Ethernet

When Allen Braldy first introduced Ethernet communications they did not establish a clear identity for the protocol. It is confusingly referred to as AB Legacy Ethernet or as CSP. It is supported on most newer products to provide backward compatibity.



A fieldbus protocol. Stricly speaking this is an open protocol but has not proven to be a strong competitor to Profibus outside North America and it’s beginning to lose the battle in North America too. A good protocol with excellent physical layer cables and connectors suitable for life safety applications and field control. Used extensivly in MCC’s to connect starters and drives.



Stricly speaking this is an open protocol but it’s Rockwells work horse. All current product that support Ethernet connections support Ethernet/IP. This is a huge protocol capable of transferring data using many serivces in a connected and unconnected fasion. It can transfer files, carry other protocols such as modbus in encapulated form.



An attempt to improve on DH+  before Ethernet has come to dominate. Provides decent bandwidth of 5Meg/sec. Uses its own physical layer based on Co-ax. Striclty speaking is an open protocol but you would be hard pushed to find other vendors using it. Introduced determinisitic data xfer times.


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