DNP3 Support Problem Solving

Data Sheets and Manuals for DNP3 Serial and DNP3 Ethernet

Data Sheet – FieldServer Driver – Serial – FS-8700-47 – DNP 3.0

Manual – FieldServer Driver – Serial – FS-8700-47 – DNP 3.0

pdf_icon24Capability Profiles – FieldServer Driver – DNP3

pdf_icon24DNP3 Overview

pdf_icon24DataSheet – FieldServer Driver – DNP3 Ethernet Gateway

pdf_icon24DNP3 Ethernet – FieldServer Driver – Driver Manual

More Data Sheets






Q:What is DNP3.0?
A:The DNP 3.0 Driver allows the FieldServer to transfer data to and from devices over RS-232 or RS-485 using DNP 3.0 Driver protocol. The FieldServer can emulate either a Server or Client…Read More
Q:What are DNP3 class data objects?
A:Each object group can contain one or more data points. A data point is a single data value of a specific object group. Every object groups also contains data variations. These variations are there to indicate the different methods of specifying data within an object group….Read More

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