Preparing to Optimize a Google AdWords Campaign

In order to make intelligent optimization changes it is first necessary to understand the business that is being advertised and the goals of their AdWords campaign. You can start by reviewing the advertiser’s home page even if it is not one of the landing pages. Navigate his home page and try to go through the same motions a user would, when visiting the site. The about us link is usually a good place to start learning the new business. There after you should also review the products and services.

In addition to browsing your advertiser’s web site it is also a good idea to browse competitor’s web sites and ads. This will help you to gain insight into the differences and similarities the advertiser has with the services and products of his competitors. You will also be able to identify factors that make the advertisers business more compelling that his competition. These factors can then be highlighted in his AdWords ads.

After reviewing the advertiser’s and competitors web sites you can start reviewing his existing AdWords campaigns and ad groups. Review the performance of individual keywords and text ads. Now make a list of what is working and what isn’t. Do not dismiss the poorly performing keywords jet. By optimize their ad text, campaign targeting and keyword match types you may still improve the performance of these keywords significantly. Inactive keywords can also be reactivated by increasing their minimum bid. You might even be able to improve the performance of existing well performing keywords.