Pasting from Word into WordPress (Paste from Word)

There is a common issue when posting from Word into the WordPress editor which causes problems when trying to view the article using the Internet Explorer browser (it simply won’t display).

The reason behind this is because Word uses some unstandardized tags for its formatting, and those tags are not recognized by IE.

Quick Fix (and a really bad way to do it):

To quickly fix an article where the issue occurs, follow these steps:

  • Go back and edit the article.
  • Switch from Visual view to HTML view.
  • Remove any text occuring before the tag, including the tag itself.
  • Switch back to Visual view and see if the article was fixed.
  • Update the article.

Currently a few different plugins for WordPress are being developed which should stop the issue from occuring. I haven’t found a working one yet. If anyone does please comment away!