Organize your Google AdWords account for maximum effectiveness

A well organized and structured account is much easier to manage and will allow you to target your audience more effectively.

The fist step will be to organize your campaign by topic. By creating separate campaigns for each of your product lines, brands, resources and services. This will help you to monitor them individually and make the necessary adjustments to improve your campaigns performance. Set goals for each of your campaigns and structure them to achieve those goals. Refer to the Google AdWords help center for more information on how you can structure your campaign.

The next step will be to chouse your campaigns target language and location settings. You can also set your daily budget as well as some other settings. Make sure that you only target the languages and locations that are relevant to your business. For example if you only ship your product to locations in a specific district you should only target the country, territory, region or city related to that area, not all categories.

The next step will be to create highly specific ad groups. Each ad groups should center on a specific product or service making sure that your ad reaches the most qualified users. Build a general keyword list then separate them in to related ad group. Then create ads that pertain directly to that list. For example let say one of your product’s is an mp4 player you can create different campaigns for each brand and then multiple ad groups based on the models of each brand.

Lastly you need to avoid duplicate keywords across your ad groups. Google only shows one ad per advertiser on a particular keyword. Identical keywords will compete against each other and the better performing keyword will trigger your ad.